Why Choose Midlandatelier For Your Wood Blinds Project?

Your window blinds or faux wood blinds budget and deadline are two factors that makes the search for the a service provider very difficult says the National company Direct Buy Blinds. There are plenty of positive reviews about us out there and it’s up to you to ask pertinent questions to gauge whether or not to believe these reviews or formulate your own opinion. Here are some pointers that can help you feel better about joining our team.

What to look out for when choosing a Window Blinds Installer?

Professional blinds experts are in high demand during the summer months. Be cautious when working with a local free shipping blinds builders, especially if you need your project complete during this season. This is because many of them are really busy, and they may well not have the ability to effectively focus on your project to ensure quality work. Ask them about what number of different projects they are working on, as this could provide you with a clear insight.

Communication is Important!

Clearly communicate your expectations and plans for the project to your service provider. You and your service provider should see eye to eye. If the beginning or end time for your project changes from what was originally quoted, the window blinds builders may increase the cost and time frame for completion. A list of expectations from a local certified to fit shades builder, along with the start/end dates, should be written in the contractual obligation.

Contractor’s Insurance?

You ought to always request to verify a blinds provider’s insurance certificate to find out how long they had it active for, as this is certainly an effective indicator whether or not they are reliable. It may not be in your very best interest to work with a contract who has issues with cash flow.

The internet is an excellent resource when looking for contractors. During this process, you may want to find their contact numbers, make brief inquiries and then short-list the adequate candidates for further discussion. Always include financial details in your contract so that you are conscious of the payment schedule. It is also important that you put into the awareness of your service provider that the work site should be maintained neatly.

Check out the video below!

Now on to the fun stuff!

Now that you have made your decision to install your wood blinds, there are some pretty cool different choices to make. First, they come with many different sizes and shapes of trim. You can choose a larger trim which I love or a smaller more traditional size. You can choose very simple trim or some with a lot of design and texture. Below, is an image with crown molding on top!  Beautiful!

Crown Molding Shutter

Next, there are different size slats to choose from. They start out at 1 ” all the way to 2.5 “, whichever fits your vision. There are also so many different colors to choose from! Did you know that blinds can actually custom color the wood plantation slats to match your wood floors?  How cool is that!  They actually come out to your home and get an exact match to your wood floors!  Choosing color is very important!  Most people choose white to keep it clean, bright and fresh looking!  Others may like the more dramatic look that darkens a bright room!  It is all personal choice, but once you make this big decision it is hard to undo a large purchase of this nature.  Make sure to do your due diligence.  If you have a vision, let the contractor know!  It is likely that they have seen it all and know what  common mistakes are being made.  Next, determining if you will put shutters throughout the home or in certain areas you would really like to accentuate.  Because shutters are pricey you may just want to have them downstairs where they will most likely been seen more often.  Or in the rooms you spend most time in.  If it is not in your budget do all  the windows you desire, consider doing one window at a time!  Most contractors will work with whatever budget you are on!

Beautiful White Shutters

Plantation Shutters WhiteThis photo was taken by Rapid Blinds, they specialize in plantation shutters and do wonderful work!

Beautiful Dark Wood Shutters


This photo was taken by Direct Buy Blinds, they specialize in faux wood blinds and do exceptional work and an affordable price!

Example Color Chart


Setting up your appointment and what to expect!

Most contractors come to your home and give free estimates and measurements.  Once you set your appointment, it is pretty important you have a little time that day.  Once they are there they have to measure all windows you are interested in having the shutters installed.  They also go over all the different trims and colors.  A good recommendation is to let them know you are comparing prices with their competitors so they give you the best possible price.  Why beat it around the bush?  Believe me, they want your business!  Most times they will give you the estimate with the measurements blocked out so you can’t give the information to another installer for a quick quote.  I thought that was kind of funny!  Once you determine what contractor you would like to work with, the shutters should be installed within the next couple weeks!

Windows and Flooring go Hand in Hand?

Usually, when you choose your window treatments you think about your flooring as well.  Keeping it clean and color coordinated with beautiful contrast is easy to do when you just stay simple.  There are so many different colors of hardwood floors in the market.  Just like the color variations of wood shutters there are about triple the amount in wood flooring.  When decorating a new home with flooring and window treatments it is a lot easier to visualize with a clean palate.  On the other hand, when you already have a color cluttered home it can be a bit trickier.  If you have carpeting or are considering installing carpeting, high traffic, low profile is the way to go.  You can add years on to your dollars spent by choosing the right carpeting and going with a reputable carpet cleaning company like Done Your Way Carpet Cleaning.  Plus, in my opinion the upkeep is so much easier with no constant footprints and even the vacuum streaks can sometimes look unsightly!



The above carpet was cleaned by DYW Carpet Cleaning a Carpet Cleaning company in Phoenix and took a little under one hour. That is the power of going with a good carpet cleaning company!

Enhancing the Backyard – Get a Pool

Pools are a great way to build value into your home. See the pictures below from Blue Pools Houston on what types of pools would go with your home!

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